Customer Care

This game and business started between two friends. Going into business with friends and family is very tough, but we have each other's backs to make this a successful venture!

So, we are making it our goal to ensure all our customer's are happy with our products. Because you are friends and family.... and we'll never hear the end of it if you have any issues! 

We diligently worked with the manufacturers to make sure the products you are receiving are great quality and will arrive in perfect condition. If any part of your game is damaged or not right when you receive it, we want to know! 

Be sure to send us an email: right away so we can personally address the issue. And check out or shipping and returns policy for more information.

Risks and Challenges

As Robin Williams so eloquently laid out the invent of Golf-

"I whack a ball it goes in a gopher hole, with a little f*@$'d up stick...

I 'll put the hole hundreds of yards away. Not straight, I'll put s#!t in the way. Like trees and bushes and high grass. So you can lose you f@*!'ng ball.

And you go whacking away with a f@*!'ng tire iron. Whacking away, and each time you miss you feel like you'll have a stroke! F$%! that's what we'll call it, a stroke, cause each time you miss you feel like you're gonna f@*!'in die.


Oh great, oh and here's the better part oh f$%! this is brilliant........

Right near the end I'll put a little flat piece with a little flag to give you f@*!'ng hope!

But then I'll put a little pool and a sand box to f$%! with your ball again!! Ay, you'll be there cracking your arse, hacking away in the sand!!! HAHAHAHA 18 f@*!'ng times!!!!"


Golf and Baseball are unpredictable. An inaccurate swing in both can send you OUT. We all know the pain of a 3 putt after getting on the green in 2. Or allowing multiple runs in a single inning. So, we appreciate you understanding that unexpected things could happen. But, we'll always work with you to resolve the issue as best and as quickly as we can!

Ultimately we want a quality game in your happy hands for you to enjoy and share!